Customer Success Manager (CSM)


About the role

The Upstream Security CSM will be responsible for the technical aspects of engagements with customers from the pre-sales steps and to post sale. The role consists of meeting customers at the very early stages of the relationship and to educate them regarding the cybersecurity challenges of the automotive ecosystem in general and of their company specifically, as well as to explain and demonstrate the capabilities of Upstream’s products and the solution it provides to those challenges. The CSM must be able to understand the needs and specific requirements of each potential customer in order to offer the relevant solutions and added value to the customer, working with them to start an engagement process by running PoCs, training etc. and closing with a contract signature. Once a customer is onboarded, the CSM must make sure to always provide added value and find ways to upsell and increase Upstream services and ROI to the customer.


  • Build a long-term relationship with one’s counterparts at the customer side, based on trust, respect and technical appreciation.
  • Manage customer satisfaction and understand customer pain points to be able to solve issues and respond to feedback.
  • Be up to date with the Upstream product roadmap to be able to expose it to the customers when needed.
  • Be the voice of the customer within Upstream and manage in a matrix mode all the different functions, product people, engineers, data analysts, and scientists etc... in order to respond to customer feedback and requests.
  • Manage project delivery and engagements in a timely fashion.
  • Report status and red flags of all customers engagements under his responsibility to relevant manager (as well as to higher Upstream management when required).
  • The position requires travel to customers sites as needed for meetings, demonstrations, trainings etc.


  • Academic Degree (preferred in Computer Science)
  • 2 years related experience with customer facing and customer management
  • Strong communication, critical thinking, time management, multi-tasking over multiple systems, matrix management, and multi-customer management skills necessary.
  • Understand and is comfortable with sales and other call-center Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – preferred
  • Software engineer experience, experience in cyber systems, experience in automotive ecosystem – preferred
  • Project management experience – preferred
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize effectively within guidelines - must
  • Fluent in English – must, other languages - advantage