R&D | Data Scientist



Upstream Security is a new security startup, founded by cyber security veterans that develops a groundbreaking Automotive security and analytics solution.

We are looking for a talented Data Scientist who will be part of the analytics team, working very closely with the data scientist and development team and will be part of the core startup team, developing the company’s core technology and analytical solutions.

You will research large scale data, devise insights, algorithms and analytical tools that will be a core part of the company’s innovative security solution.


  • Join the data science discipline in the company.
  • Research large scale and diverse automotive data sets.
  • Build modeling and anomaly detection algorithms as part of the company's products.
  • Work closely with the dev team to build the analytics solution.
  • Design and implement an innovative security technology.
  • Research new technologies and adopt them for use in the company’s product.

Experience and Skills

  • Deep background of data science.
  • Education: PhD +3 years or MS +6 years of related experience in computer science, data science, or machine learning.
  • Proficient in Python: Pandas, Numpy, SciPy, Scikit-learn, and more.
  • Deep Learning experience in one or more platforms: Tensorflow, Keras, Theano, CNTK, PyTorch.
  • Strong background in math/statistics, machine/deep learning and data mining.
  • Experience working in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Software development experience.
  • Advantage: cyber security background.
  • Motivated, fast learner and independent.
  • A team player, excellent collaboration skills.