Webinar: Real-World Experiences in Building and Operating a VSOC

In this Webinar, Ford’s Manager Vehicle and Mobility Cybersecurity, Darren Shelcusky will speak with Upstream’s VSOC Director, Yaniv Maimon, and Giuseppe Serio, Upstream’s Senior Director Market Development about what it takes to build and operate a state of the art Vehicle Security Operations Center that’s designed to protect today’s connected vehicles.

January 25th- 16:00 CET/ 10:00 AM EST

This expert panel will discuss:

  • What to consider when building a VSOC
  • Real-world use cases such as Cyber, IT/OT convergence, fraud detection, and others that were managed with a purpose-built VSOC
  • Regulations and compliance as a driver for VSOC development
  • The future of VSOCs
  • And more


Security operations centers (SOCs) are already used in many large enterprises to monitor IT networks. Now, as a result of the rise and complexity of cyberattacks targeting OT networks such as connected vehicles and their components or services, OEMs and other automotive stakeholders must develop integrated vehicle SOCs (or VSOCs) to monitor, detect, and respond to automotive cyber incidents in a timely fashion.

Join this webinar to hear how to get started and stick around for an in-depth Q&A with these industry experts.

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