Dan Sahar

Backend Connected Vehicle Attacks are Taking the Lead

Is the world of cyber-security offering the automotive industry enough protection? Endpoint in-vehicle security alone is not enough.

“Talk to our TSP” is not gonna cut it – Fleets Need to Take Responsibility for Their Own Security

Regardless of what the TSPs, cloud companies and cellular providers are doing – it’s time to take control of your own ecosystem.

Ready to Keep Up with Smart Mobility? The Effects of Connectivity on the MaaS Ecosystem

The automotive industry is undergoing rapid transformation and becoming a smart mobility ecosystem and with it the cyber-attacks surface is expanding, demanding new security standards. This blog explains why smart ...

The Greatest Competitive Advantage for Telematics Service Providers Today - Securing the Connected Car

Cybers threats and data privacy concerns haven’t skipped the TSPs (Telematics Service Providers). The telematics backend servers that enable fleets to be connected, run, analyze, and use the car-generated ...

Connected Car-Fleets are in Immediate Risk of Cyber Attacks. Here’s What You Can Do About it

There's not a minute to waste - connected car fleets using telematics devices on the road today are in immediate risk of a breach and need cyber protection now! Here's ...

Redefining Connected Car Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a business risk, not just an IT problem. Learn what makes Upstream's automotive cybersecurity solution so unique.