Upstream Security unlocks the value of automotive data to ensure that your connected vehicles and mobility services are safe, secure, and operating optimally.

In this session, you will get a first hand view of Upstream’s product suite and capabilities. 

In order to better suit the demo to your needs, in the form drop-down section, please specify the Upstream service that is of most interest to you. 


You can choose from the following: 

  • Upstream AutoHealth: Upstream AutoHealth’s agentless and cloud-based technology helps fleet stakeholders make highly informed real-time data-driven decisions for proactive quality and safety improvement and allows for increased vehicle uptime through prediction-based maintenance.
  • Upstream Overview: An overview of all Upstream Security capabilities and services. 
  • Upstream C4: Upstream C4 (Centralized Connected Car Cybersecurity) Platform is the first cloud-based automotive cybersecurity solution designed for protecting connected vehicles from cyber-attacks and misuse.
  • Upstream AutoThreat Intelligence: Upstream’s AutoThreat researchers built a dedicated portal for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating threat intelligence specific to the automotive sector and tailored to Upstream’s different customers, ranging from vehicle OEM manufacturers to connected fleets.


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