Message from our CEO

Dear friends, customers, and partners, 


Now that we’re a few days into this (long-awaited) new year, it’s an opportune time to look ahead and consider what this new year may bring us. But first, a quick glimpse back.


2020 has been a challenging year marked by historic circumstances and unforeseen changes in our work and home lives; it has also been a year of learning and growth for all of us here at Upstream. Fortitude, innovation, and the values upon which Upstream was built allowed us to overcome these challenges and shift them into opportunities for success. 


Over the past year, we’ve continued to disrupt the automotive cybersecurity market and saw our hard work result in the achievement of several important milestones to position Upstream as the leading automotive cybersecurity and analytics provider. We announced new partnerships and collaborations with Fujitsu, Microsoft, AWS, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Lab, and the Auto-ISAC. We expanded our Series B funding to bring real-time end-to-end data-driven customer experience solutions to the automotive sector with an investment by Salesforce. We spoke at many (virtual) conferences, hosted cybersecurity webinars and Tech Talks, won industry awards, released an annual global cybersecurity research report, expanded to Japan, and welcomed new team members as well as a new member to our board of directors


All of this was proudly accomplished while working (mostly) from home and over video conferencing, between quarantines and mandatory lockdowns. If this was 2020, can you imagine what Upstream can accomplish in 2021 as the world (hopefully) returns to a semblance of normalcy and health? 


I’ll do more than just let you imagine…I’ll let you in on our plans: We plan to introduce new services around connected vehicle data analytics, to expand our talented team with new hires, develop new global strategic and technology partnerships, and extend our cybersecurity offering to millions of connected vehicles. 


And that’s just the start. 


Welcoming this year, I commit that as the automotive industry continues to expand and develop so will Upstream. I am glad that you are on that journey with us. 


Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and incredibly successful 2021.