Upstream's AutoThreat Intelligence Portal

Upstream's AutoThreat Intelligence Portal

Get Ahead of Connected Vehicle Cyber Threats


AutoThreat Intelligence enhances threat landscape visibility with unique domain expertise specific to automotive manufacturers and connected vehicle service providers. AutoThreat Intelligence is fully integrated with Upstream C4, which automatically leverages threat insights to drive new policies and signatures without requiring apps, scripts, or altered workflows.


AutoThreat comes pre-built with an Intelligence Portal, featuring a visual dashboard that provides users with information on the behavior of threat actors unique to the automotive sector, and where they may be most vulnerable to an attack.



Key benefits:


  • Assess security and safety risks to vehicles and connected car infrastructure based on trends in adversary motivation, capability, and impact
  • Contextualize and communicate cyber threats across business operations
  • Design and build automotive related penetration tests based on latest threats
  • Prioritize automotive risks and align security stakeholders to the most relevant, impactful threats



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