Upstream AutoThreat® Intelligence

Monitor and track cyber threats against connected vehicles and components

Upstream’s AutoThreat® Intelligence is the industry’s first mobility-specific intelligence solution.

It is purpose-built to collect, analyze, and leverage mobility threat intel from multiple public and deep and dark web sources. AutoThreat® increases mobility threat landscape visibility and enables stakeholders to gain domain-specific context of cyber threats that could impact their assets.

AutoThreat® PRO, an AutoThreat® premium service, includes customized queries and services, deep and dark web investigations, and tailored-made threat models based on user-specific assets and concerns.

With AutoThreat®, OEMs, Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, and mobility service providers can assess and manage risks detected in their supply chain, comply with cybersecurity standards and regulations, and take action by enhancing their security defenses.

Key benefits:


  • Manage Risks: Gain visibility and easily manage risks detected in a complicated and dynamic automotive supply chain
  • Leverage Domain Expertise: Utilize Upstream’s cybersecurity and automotive domain expertise to protect your organization and your customers
  • Comply: Monitor the risk and vulnerabilities associated with mobility products as demanded of OEMs and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers with the new cybersecurity regulations and standards
  • Track Components: Track vulnerabilities at the vehicle, component, and infrastructure level, including ECU and vulnerability mapping correlated to vehicle models
  • Increase Cyber Awareness: Become familiar with mobility cyber threats detected throughout the surface, deep, and dark webs in order to assess current products and develop more secure components

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