Electric Vehicle Charging

Secure and Monitor Charging Stations and Infrastructure

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EV Charging Infrastructure, Applications, and Platforms

Introduce new wide-scale attack vector and cyber threats

The strong demand for fast and available EV charging solutions has introduced a new attack surface, enabling adversaries to access personal data, financial gain, and even impact the electrical grid.

  • Data leakage of private customer data can be accessed by adversaries via vulnerabilities in EV charging devices and through the EV charging mobile applications.
  • Financial gains can be unlocked by bad actors manipulating charging stations and infrastructure to commit fraud, either by overpassing payment requirements for charging or by depriving other customers of using charging stations.
  • Impact on the electrical grid can be the result of a large-scale cyber attack on a network of charging stations and their related infrastructure, affecting the grid and potentially causing local outages.
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Purpose-Built for Mobility

Flexible architecture to evolve with the ecosystem

The Upstream Platform was built with smart mobility in mind, with a flexible architecture that supports the variety of data types generated and the ability to handle the massive data sets generated by millions of connected vehicles globally.

  • The platform can process billions of transactions, monitoring millions of vehicles, consumer applications, and mobility servers.
  • Rapid support of new data types, such as the OCCP protocol and existing support of the MQTT protocol for quick time to security for EV charging stations and infrastructure.
  • Critical and unique smart mobility security insights are provided by Upstream’s automotive data analysis and behavioral profiling based on automotive domain expertise and a comprehensive understanding of mobility data.
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Monitoring EV Charging Infrastructure to Detect & Mitigate Cyber Attacks

To detect and mitigate cyber attacks

With the Upstream Platform, monitor and manage mobility assets by leveraging digital twins to detect compromised assets by recognizing anomalies in traffic to ensure operational continuity.

  • Upstream monitors all of your mobility assets, creating a digital twin that reflects the individual state of each charging station, server, and companion application user to provide stakeholders with a full view of charging operations.
  • The digital twins enable the detection of compromised assets, such as Command & Control backend servers, that may result in prolonged service downtime.
  • By monitoring all traffic sent to charging stations, the platform can detect anomalies, including abnormal amounts of ‘start-charging’ commands that might compromise electrical infrastructure.
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Support the Safety and Rapid Adoption of EVs

Ensure trust across the entire EV ecosystem

Upstream’s deep know-how and proven expertise in cybersecurity and automotive is an advantage in ensuring the safety and security of the entire EV ecosystem against cyber threats, attacks, and manipulations.

  • Upstream’s cloud-based, agentless, and cost-effective solution enables effective cybersecurity across the entire EV charging stack with zero disruption to EV charging operations.
  • Secure against known and unknown attacks targeting EV charging applications, EV charging stations, and infrastructure with Upstream’s ML-powered cyber threat detection capabilities.
  • Respond immediately and efficiently via seamless integration to third-party SOC and vSOC solutions, as well as SIEM, SOAR, etc.
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Unlock the Value of your Mobility Data

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