Rental Cars and Shared Fleets

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Fraud Management

Detect and manage fraud and hacks against shared or rental fleets

Upstream utilizes data already collected by shared and rental fleets to detect anomalies indicating hacks, fraud, or misuse.

  • Upstream leverages big data analytics and machine learning to secure shared and rental fleets from cyber hacks leading to car theft, user data breaches, or safety ramifications.
  • Upstream's AI-powered detector capabilities can also monitor shared and rental fleet data for policy violations, fraud, and misuse. By constantly monitoring vehicle and driver behaviors, Upstream can detect anomalies in the data and alert the fleet manager or trigger relevant workflows.
  • Upstream AutoThreat® Intelligence monitors hacking forums for methods of stealing or manipulating shared-mobility assets, for the sale of fraudulent car-sharing and ride-hailing user and driver accounts, as well as for malicious vendors selling user data.
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shared smart mobility space.

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Optimize shared or rental fleets for maximum usage and increased uptime

Optimize your fleets by making real-time decisions for proactive quality and safety improvement.

  • Upstream's cloud-based non-intrusive predictive maintenance capabilities help reduce fleet maintenance costs and maximize vehicle efficiency, ensuring that costly vehicle downtime is limited and customer retention and satisfaction is optimized.
  • Upstream optimizes and improves the safety of shared and rental fleets by monitoring business critical events in real-time via a centralized cloud-based analysis of multiple automotive data feeds, including telematics and mobile applications.
  • Upstream can be deployed on a fleet that already has pre-existing fleet management software or platforms. Upstream's solution is non-disruptive and can easily integrate with other fleet management solutions.
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MaaS “Mobility as a Service” ecosystem?

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Monetize shared and rental fleet mobility data

Upstream enables shared and rental fleet stakeholders the ability to collect, manage, and monetize mobility data.

  • Upstream's data normalization and cleansing processes enable users to make sense of their mobility data and find actionable insights that can lead to additional growth opportunities.
  • Stakeholders can monetize mobility data by offering additional services for shared or rental fleets users, such as virtual assistance, parking, EV charging, and more.
  • Upstream facilitates new profit opportunities by enabling shared and rental fleet stakeholders to standardize vehicle, telematics, and user data, and enhance it with with additional external data sources from integrated third parties.
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nlock the Value of your Mobility Data

Built upon the Upstream Platform architecture are purpose-built and customizable platform applications that shift mobility data insights into action