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New connectivity and new problems need new solutions

Within a few years, the majority of vehicles on our roads will be connected, unlocking a host of opportunities for mobility stakeholders and users. At the same time however, connectivity brings a range of cybersecurity risks and dangers with current connected mobility infrastructures creating multiple attack vectors for hackers.

Mobility stakeholders have been challenged with detecting, identifying, and mitigating cyber threats targeting their mobility services and connected vehicles. To effectively secure the connected mobility ecosystem - vehicles, infrastructure and services - from cyber attacks and misuse, a new breed of security solutions is required, one that is purpose-built for the unique challenges of the mobility space.

Upstream's cloud-based mobility
cybersecurity solution is purpose-built for:

Mobility cybersecurity

Built with embedded automotive domain knowledge

Immediate deployment

Utilizes mobility data without any in-vehicle hardware

Advanced threat detection

Detect known and unknown cyber threats

Holistic mobility monitoring

Monitor your entire mobility ecosystem

Vehicle security operation centers

Utilize Upstream at the core of your VSOC

Cyber threat response

Respond with integrated workflows and playbooks

Regulatory compliance

Comply with demands for a cybersecurity management system

Analysis and reporting

Analyze, asses, and report on the risk to your mobility assets

“Upstream’s cloud-based and agentless mobility cybersecurity solution represents a fundamental shift in the approach to connected vehicle security, one that unlocks the value of mobility data for cybersecurity purposes”

Purpose-Built For Mobility

Securing connected mobility is a complex task that necessitates a specialized understanding of the mobility ecosystem. Upstream’s AI-powered cybersecurity detectors are purpose-built for mobility and are generated based on ongoing automotive research, threat intelligence generated by Upstream AutoThreat, large sets of real automotive data, and deep automotive expertise.

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Leverages Mobility Data

Traditional in-vehicle cybersecurity approaches offer limited security coverage and include long deployment challenges tied to vehicle production. Upstream’s cloud-based platform however requires no in-vehicle software or hardware and instead leverages connected mobility data already generated from many different vehicle sensors, as buried within this data are valuable cybersecurity indicators for end-to-end automotive cybersecurity.

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Fulfills cybersecurity demands

Upstream's non-intrusive solution deploys easily with smart and easy-to-use tools that enable data-center or VSOC personnel to manage mobility cybersecurity and comply with cybersecurity regulations with minimal overhead. The platform detects incidents in near-real time and with its advanced incident-management capabilities, automatically classifies them for severity and impact, and alerts analysts for speedy decision-making and incident resolution.

Using an intuitive interface, cybersecurity teams can easily provision various attributes and parameters of real connected vehicles, and simulate different attack scenarios that mirror real-life incidents. Users can also simulate and test their cybersecurity response with Upstream’s simulation solution.

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Purpose-built cybersecurity for a wide range
of connected mobility verticals

Consumer OEM

Secure your cars and fleets

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Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers

Secure your components and supply chain

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Managed Service Providers

Enhance your cybersecurity services

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Commercial OEM

Secure your trucks and service vehicle

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Automotive Insurance

Offer cybersecurity insurance policies

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Smart Cities and Government

Secure your city and public transportation

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Secure your electric vehicles

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Rental Cars and Fleets

Secure your shared fleets

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