SIM-enabled Mobility IoT

Secure and monitor IoT devices for the mobility and transportation ecosystem

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Mobility IoT Demands Enhanced Cybersecurity

The surge in SIM-enabled IoT devices across various industries, including mobility, fleet management, agriculture, and transportation introduced a new era of connectivity and efficiency. However, this reliance on connectivity opens a new attack surface for cyber threats, with significant implications for operational integrity and infrastructure stability.

  • SIM-enabled IoT devices are the backbone of telematics services, smart agriculture, and EV charging operations. However, these connected devices also introduce a new entry point for cyber attacks that can lead to operational disruptions and service downtime.
  • The interconnected nature of IoT devices opens avenues for data leakage. Adversaries can exploit vulnerabilities to access private information, ranging from personal identifiers to location data, through insecure device communications or compromised applications resulting in regulatory fines and reputational damage.
  • SIM-enabled IoT devices can also pose a risk to critical infrastructure. A large-scale cyberattack targeting IoT devices or networks, such as agricultural machinery or mining operations can have far-reaching consequences ranging from localized supply-chain disruptions to impacting national security.
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Purpose-Built for Mobility

Flexible architecture to evolve with the ecosystem

The Upstream Platform was built with smart mobility in mind, with a flexible architecture that supports the variety of data types generated and the ability to handle the massive data sets generated by millions of connected vehicles globally.

  • Millions of connected vehicles and IoT devices are monitored on the platform, across the device, cloud, and application (API) layers.
  • Rapid support of new data types, such as the OCCP protocol and existing support of the MQTT protocol for quick time to security for fleet telematics devices, smart agriculture, and mobility IoT.
  • Critical and unique smart mobility security insights are provided by Upstream’s mobility data analysis and behavioral profiling based on domain expertise and a comprehensive understanding of mobility data.
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Monitoring SIM-Enabled IoT Devices

To detect and mitigate cyber attacks

Monitor SIM-enabled IoT devices in near real-time on the Upstream Platform, leveraging unique digital twins to detect compromised assets by recognizing anomalies using ML-based models.

  • Upstream monitors all of your mobility assets, creating a digital twin that reflects the individual state of each IoT device, connected machinery, charging station, server, and applications to provide stakeholders with a full view of operations.
  • The digital twins enable the detection of compromised assets, such as Command & Control backend servers, that may result in prolonged service downtime.
  • By monitoring all traffic relating to SIM-enabled IoT devices, the platform can detect anomalies that might compromise operational availability.
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Upstream for Mobility IoT

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