Predictive Maintenance

Implement true predictive maintenance models
with data-driven decisions.

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Vehicles Maintained. Money Saved.

Implementing accurate predictive maintenance models means you can modernize processes, reduce unplanned downtime, allowing you to maximize fleets and bolster revenue streams.

With automotive-specific data, your company can leverage the unique attributes of connected vehicles, deployed immediately within existing data infrastructures, to cover any fleet type, size, and location.

Upstream's predictive maintenance helps automotive stakeholders:

Predict component failures

Predict failures in critical vehicle modules like battery and engine

Increase vehicle uptime

Reduce costly unplanned downtime

Ensure driver and road safety

Prevent spontaneous and dangerous vehicle failures

Lower maintenance costs

Repair or replace components prior to major breakdown or failure

Protect your brand

Strengthen the perception of brand reliability

Preserve business

Limit potential business or supply chain disruptions

"Upstream’s cloud-based, purpose-built platform leverages telematic data, already collected from connected vehicle assets, to empower smart mobility stakeholders to proactively manage vehicle maintenance, prevent breakdowns, reduce downtime, and reinforce brand perceptions."

Mobility asset digital twins

The Upstream Platform creates mobility digital twins of the vehicle as well as its individual components such as the engine and battery, maps their health, and feeds that data into machine learning models which, with AI-powered detectors, enable the prediction of component-level failures. Behavioral profiling capabilities allow the platform to deliver customized predictive insights based on component characteristics, vehicle model or make, and/or fleet category.

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Integrated workflows

The Upstream Platform analyzes vehicle data in real-time, detects potential failures, automatically classifies them for severity and impact, and alerts relevant parties with predictive insights. The platform provides the means to customize maintenance-related alerts, allowing OEMs, fleet owners, managers, and even the drivers themselves to stay informed and updated of the vehicle’s condition.

The Upstream Platform can also be integrated with pre-existing fleet management software or platforms to offer a complete end-to-end predictive maintenance solution.

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Telematics to Drive Maintenance

The Upstream cloud-based, purpose-built platform leverages telematics data already collected from connected vehicle assets to empower smart mobility stakeholders to proactively manage vehicle maintenance, prevent breakdowns, reduce downtime, and reinforce brand perceptions.

Upstream AutoHealth: Automotive Data-Driven Predictive Maintenance

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