Mobility & IoT Cyber Readiness Services

Bolster your cybersecurity readiness and resilience with a wide range of tools and simulations, purpose-built for the Automotive and Smart Mobility ecosystem.

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Ensure cross-organizational resilience and preparedness for a wide range of cybersecurity use cases and attack scenarios targeting connected vehicles, mobility IoT, smart mobility services, and key functional assets.

Simulate real-world automotive and mobility cyberattack scenarios in a controlled, impactful, in-person learning environment. Enable clear understanding of operational responses to mitigate threats using advanced Tabletop Exercises (TTX).

Utilize Upstream's global market-leading
experts to increase security readiness

Tabletop Exercises (TTX)

Test response skills with real-world incident simulations.

Maturity Assessments

Benchmark your cybersecurity with industry standards.

Stakeholder Education

Ensure team capabilities match industry best practices.

Empower your Vehicle SOC (vSOC) and PSIRT teams with
Upstream's experience and expertise in Automotive and Smart Mobility cybersecurity detection & response

Practice incident response capabilities with extensive simulations

Engage in a mobility-focused tabletop exercise to ensure resilience and preparedness for cybersecurity threats targeting connected vehicles, SIM-enabled IoT, and smart mobility services. These exercises help cyber teams to enhance and develop skills, streamline processes, expand the scope of mitigation capabilities , and set measurable KPIs. Upstream's cyber experts create realistic scenarios, based on real-life incidents and attacks, allowing cybersecurity teams to test and adapt their strategies and improve threat response.

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Assess cybersecurity capabilities with industry best practices

Ensure your cybersecurity operations, Vehicle SOC (vSOC), and Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) capabilities meet industry best practices. Leverage Upstream’s automotive and smart mobility expertise to conduct a maturity assessment using proprietary frameworks. Evaluate current capabilities, identify improvement areas, and get actionable recommendations for short, medium, and long-term roadmaps. This holistic assessment covers organizational processes, and technology aspects. Benchmark your organization against industry peers and access financial impact analysis to understand market positioning and security posture better.

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Empower your teams to effectively secure products leveraging the latest mobility cybersecurity trends, threats and attacks

Enhance understanding across all levels about cybersecurity threats to better protect products and services. Gain insights into automotive and IoT cybersecurity trends, including public incidents, attack vectors, impacts, geographical distribution, and financial implications. Use Upstream’s Threat Actors Repository to learn about major threat actor activities, types, and interests by region. Integrate threat intelligence into product security and enhance team capabilities with tailored training in advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and operational security.

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