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Stay Ahead of Connected Vehicle Cyber Threats

AutoThreat® PRO scours the surface, deep, and dark web to stay ahead of bad actors. Gain industry-focused insights that identify trends, allow you to protect emerging attack vectors, and mitigate against today’s most sophisticated attacks found throughout.

An advanced, purpose-built, threat intelligence solution, consisting of the ability to track cyber incidents discovered on the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web, gives automotive stakeholders a firm grasp of their cyber-related vulnerabilities and preemptively mitigate against damaging attacks.

Upstream's cloud-based mobility
cybersecurity solution is purpose-built for:

Keep up with trends

Monitor and detect growing threats against vehicles and smart mobility

Prioritize risks

Prioritize threats and align security actions

Protect the supply chain

Manage component level vulnerabilities found in your supply chain

Apply relevant penetration tests

Design asset penetration tests based on threat intelligence insights

Analyze threats

View threats based on vector, method, attacker, location, and more

Comply with regulations

Comply with threat assessment and risk analysis requirements

Report and assess

Create reports based on your specific mobility environment

Leverage Implement

Develop detectors to identify and mitigate cyber attacks

"We utilize surface, deep, and dark web sources to help automotive stakeholders manage risks and vulnerabilities detected in their supply chain and assets."

Automotive-specific intelligence

Traditional threat intelligence offerings lack the connected vehicle-specific domain expertise needed for effective automotive cybersecurity. In contrast, AutoThreat® Intelligence is the first threat intelligence solution purpose-built for the smart mobility ecosystem. AutoThreat® collects, analyzes, and disseminates threat intelligence specific to the automotive sector, and is tailored to various automotive segments including OEMs, Tier-1 and 2 suppliers, connected vehicle service providers, insurance companies and more.

Get an in-depth overview of current automotive cybersecurity threats in our recent Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report:

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Comprehensive and user-friendly

AutoThreat®’s sophisticated, user-friendly, and visual dashboard was designed to enable users to effectively monitor and assess automotive cyber threats. Users can sort and analyze cyber incidents based on the attack vector, method, impact, location, component, and more, as well as request customized tracking based on a product’s bill of materials or user concerns. Upstream’s customizable dashboard clearly displays information to help drive the security decisions of VSOC and threat analyst teams.

Learn more about why AutoThreat® is necessary to monitor your supply chain

Compliance enablement

AutoThreat® Intelligence plays a central role in automotive cybersecurity regulatory compliance, offering post-production cyber threat monitoring and detection, supply chain management, and the ability for effective threat assessment and risk analysis (TARA). The solution empowers automotive stakeholders to take action and initiate timely incident responses and security fixes through integrated workflows. When combined with the Upstream Platform’s cybersecurity capabilities, AutoThreat® Intelligence helps stakeholders in many aspects of regulatory compliance.

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Purpose-built cybersecurity for a wide range
of connected mobility verticals

Consumer OEM

Secure your cars and fleets

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Commercial OEM

Secure your trucks and service vehicle

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Secure your electric vehicles

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Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers

Secure your components and supply chain

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Automotive Insurance

Offer cybersecurity insurance policies

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Rental cars and Fleets

Secure your shared fleets

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Managed Service Providers

Enhance your cybersecurity services

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Smart Cities and Government

Secure your city and public transportation

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