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Secure, optimize, and enhance connected mobility all through one cloud-based data platform.

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The Platform

One Platform: Built for Mobility

The Upstream Platform utilizes data normalization and cleansing, digital twin profiling, mobility intelligence, and AI-powered detection to identify anomalies in mobility data and then offer unparalleled data-driven actionable insights through mobility-specific applications.

Data Normalization and Cleansing

The Upstream Platform utilizes a universal mobility data dictionary to normalize and cleanse automotive data sets from multiple OEMs, different sources, and in various versions, protocols, and formats into a single, unified, and privacy-compliant data structure.

Digital Twin Formation

The Upstream Platform creates and maintains mobility digital twins which include the enriched context of the entire physical mobility ecosystem enabling actionable insights.

AI-Powered Detection

AI-Powered Detection Upstream AI enables the development of both automated and custom detectors to indicate anomalies in mobility data, allowing for cybersecurity, optimization, insurance, and business intelligence actionable insights.

Mobility Specific Applications

Purpose-built cybersecurity and advanced analytics applications are built upon the Upstream Platform and offer actionable insights through customized dashboards and reporting capabilities. Users can also develop and integrate their own customized applications.

Workflow Automation

The Upstream Platform connects to third-party solutions to trigger a set of pre-built workflows and automate processes that are typically done manually.

Mobility Data Ingestion

The Upstream Platform ingests an enormous amount of unstandardized mobility data from the entire connected vehicle ecosystem, including vehicle sensors and signals, vehicle mobile applications, and command and control telematics servers.


Securing and Empowering the Future of Mobility

by changing the way you use and process mobility data

Cloud-based and Agentless

Upstream’s cloud-based and cloud-agnostic platform does not require the installation of new software or hardware agents in the vehicle. This allows for immediate deployment, provides seamless integration with existing automotive data feeds, and includes vehicles already on the road.

Purpose-Built for Mobility

The Upstream Platform is purpose-built for connected vehicle data and smart mobility services with multiple domain-specific features. It was developed with mobility domain knowledge embedded, experience from working with automotive data from millions of vehicles and telematics servers worldwide, ongoing mobility asset research, and extensive automotive maintenance strategy expertise.

Holistic Vehicle Detection and Response

The Upstream Platform and its cybersecurity and advanced analytics applications act as a vehicle detection and response (VDR) solution offering a holistic monitoring of the entire mobility ecosystem. It is a mobility-specific detection and response solution that combines near-real-time continuous monitoring with detector-based response, analysis, and actionable insight capabilities.

Powered by Data

The Upstream Platform is a real-time, data-driven platform that aggregates and analyzes vast amounts of existing data already being transmitted between connected vehicles and telematics servers. Contained within that data are latent but valuable performance indicators; in-depth analysis combined with behavioral profiling capabilities allows the Upstream Platform to provide critical and actionable insights that can be used for a myriad of mobility use-cases.

Vehicle, ECU, and Consumer Digital Twins

Upstream's mobility digital twins are digital representations of physical assets built module-by-module to allow for granular detection and include the context of the entire mobility ecosystem. This broad and contextual understanding through vehicle, subcomponent (ECUs), and consumer mobility digital twins enables the detection of data anomalies or indicators of compromise in order to offer relevant and actionable insights.

Open and Adaptable Application Development

In addition to the pre-built cybersecurity and advanced analytics applications, the Upstream Platform allows for the seamless creation and integration of customized and adaptable applications. The application logic utilizes the platform capabilities and enables detection, layered investigations, flexible querying, and automated workflows.

Actionable Insights

The platform applications generate relevant and actionable insights to influence decisions and trigger change in near-real-time. The cybersecurity, safety, optimization, and monetization insights offer timely and actionable conclusions that can be automated into workflows and playbooks.

Data Privacy Compliant

Upstream alleviates GDPR and data privacy concerns by providing users with multiple configuration options for data anonymization. These privacy-compliant solutions range from PII stripping to obfuscation and encryption on various elements of the data.

Mobility-Specific Detection Powered by AI

The Upstream Platform was designed for connected mobility frameworks and includes the necessary contextual understanding to detect and prioritize actionable mobility incidents in near-real-time. Both simple logic and complex AI detection engines drive this detection across the entire connected mobility infrastructure from the component level all the way to complex application-to-vehicle interactions.

From Insights to Action

Built upon the Upstream Platform architecture are purpose-built and customizable platform applications that shift mobility data insights into action.


Secure Connected Mobility

The Upstream Platform cybersecurity application is purpose-built to utilize mobility data in order to secure connected vehicles, applications, and services. With the Upstream Platform for cybersecurity mobility stakeholders, including OEMs and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, can comply with cybersecurity standards and regulations and secure their assets against cyber attacks.

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Advanced Analytics

Enhance Connected Mobility

The contextual analytics application is designed to contextualize mobility data and offer actionable insights for insurance, predictive maintenance, business intelligence, and other needs-based purposes. With the Upstream Platform for contextual analytics, mobility stakeholders, including OEMs, component suppliers, insurance companies, and customer experience solution providers can utilize mobility data in order to take action and make more informed and accurate decisions.

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upstream security platform

nlock the Value of your Mobility Data

Built upon the Upstream Platform architecture are purpose-built and customizable platform applications that shift mobility data insights into action