Automotive Cybersecurity & Data Management Platform for Connected Vehicles

The Upstream Platform
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The Upstream Platform for Connected Vehicles

Designed to utilize mobility data and offer unparalleled data-driven actionable insights related to:


Automotive Cybersecurity

Platform application purpose-built to use mobility data to secure connected vehicles and mobility services against automotive cyber attacks. Built to secure commercial, electric, agricultural, and any modern connected vehicles.

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Advanced Analytics

Platform application purpose-built to contextualize mobility data in order to provide actionable insights for insurance, predictive maintenance, business intelligence, and other use-cases, and more.

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Empowered by Cybersecurity Intelligence

Upstream’s AutoThreat® PRO is the industry’s first mobility-specific intelligence and risk assessment solution.

Manage risks and vulnerabilities detected in supply chains, comply with regulations, gain relevant market insights, and take action by enhancing security defenses with the most comprehensive automotive cybersecurity on the market.

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Faye Francy

Executive Director

"The inclusion of Upstream as a strategic partner increases the Auto-ISAC’s visibility and situational awareness of the threat landscape."

Erik Ross

Leader of Nationwide's Venture Capital Team

“Upstream's solution focuses on protecting our members in the evolving mobility ecosystem.”

Anna Westerberg

President Volvo Buses and Member of Volvo Group Management

“Upstream Security has a promising offering and capability to support with cyber security solutions to meet our future requirements.”

Christian Noske

Head of Alliance Ventures

“Upstream's solution focuses on protecting our members in the evolving mobility ecosystem.”

Yunseong Hwang

VP of Open Innovation Investment Group

"Upstream has demonstrated how its optimized security technology can strengthen vehicle security."

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Our mission is to secure and empower the future of mobility by enhancing the way automotive stakeholders use and process mobility data.

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