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The Upstream Platform for Transportation & Mobility Assets

Designed to utilize IT, OT, IoT and connected vehicle data, offering unparalleled data-driven actionable and operations-focused insights.


Automotive Cybersecurity

Cloud-based cybersecurity detection and response platform, purpose-built to leverage connected vehicle data. Ensure trust and safety by securing passenger, commercial, electric, agricultural, and modern connected vehicles.

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API Security

Expand OWASP API Security Top 10 coverage
and secure operational APIs from cybersecurity attacks and vulnerabilities. Mitigate data breaches and operational disruptions in near real-time.

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Empowered by Cybersecurity Intelligence

Upstream’s AutoThreat® PRO is the industry’s first mobility-specific intelligence and risk assessment solution.

Manage risks and vulnerabilities detected in supply chains, comply with regulations, gain relevant market insights, and take action by enhancing security defenses with the most comprehensive automotive cybersecurity on the market.

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Masum Mir

SVP and GM of Cisco’s Provider Mobility Business

“At Cisco, as the leading provider of mobile IoT connectivity services, we have extensively explored the ecosystem to identify optimal partners to enrich our offerings. Upstream’s cybersecurity solution emerged as a standout choice due to its innovative architecture and technology maturity.”

Emrah Duman

Vice President

"The Upstream platform immediately stood out as the leading automotive cybersecurity solution based on its unique technology and maturity. Upstream will support our UNECE R155 compliance efforts, as well as secure our fleet against cybersecurity risks, protect mobility applications and services, and support innovative business models."

Gianfranco Pizzuto

Founder & CEO, Automobili Estrema

"When it comes to cybersecurity, Upstream is our guardian angel.”

Vito Giallorenzo

GM of IVY & Head of

"Upstream have built a powerful platform to stay one step ahead of today's and tomorrow's threats."

Faye Francy

Executive Director

"The inclusion of Upstream as a strategic partner increases the Auto-ISAC’s visibility and situational awareness of the threat landscape."

Erik Ross

Leader of Nationwide's Venture Capital Team

“Upstream's solution focuses on protecting our members in the evolving mobility ecosystem.”

Anna Westerberg

President Volvo Buses and Member of Volvo Group Management

“Upstream Security has a promising offering and capability to support with cyber security solutions to meet our future requirements.”

Christian Noske

Head of Alliance Ventures

“Upstream's solution focuses on protecting our members in the evolving mobility ecosystem.”

Yunseong Hwang

VP of Open Innovation Investment Group

"Upstream has demonstrated how its optimized security technology can strengthen vehicle security."

Bryan Vaughn

Managing Director of AutoTech Breakthrough Awards

"Upstream's platform comes with an industry leading technology stack, an exciting product roadmap, and a best-in-class pipeline of customers.”

Volker Fricke

Co-founder and CTO of chargeIQ

“In Upstream we found a strategic partner to help us safeguard our platform against malicious attacks that have the power to jeopardize charge points and stations, EVs and entire electric fleets."

Luca Bertoglio

Chief Information Security Officer at Marelli

"One of the main priorities for Marelli is ensuring our customers get all the possible guarantees and commitment related to cybersecurity. Upstream’s platform is the ideal solution to protect Marelli’s products from cyber threats, allowing our customers to develop safer connected vehicles."

Christian Moran

CEO at Canopy Security

"Together with Upstream, we can ensure our system is monitored and protected against cyber threats. In addition, we leverage Upstream’s unique product-centric threat intelligence to ensure we proactively mitigate cyber risks and ensure the most innovative and agile product delivery to our users. Upsteam’s extensive expertise in connected vehicle cybersecurity, and commercial vehicles specifically, will support our growth strategy and integration with various commercial vehicle OEMs."

Benjamin Krieger

Secretary General of CLEPA

“Automotive suppliers associated with CLEPA are driving the mobility transformation, making mobility safer, smarter, and more sustainable. I am glad to welcome Upstream Security as our new member at CLEPA bringing in substantial expertise on cybersecurity which we see as a prerequisite for software-defined vehicles and digital mobility services, both growing rapidly.”

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Our mission is to secure and empower the future of Automotive, Manufacturing, Smart Mobility and Fleets by enhancing the way stakeholders use and process data.

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