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Secure and Optimize Mobility Components

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Secure your components against cyber threats and attacks

Upstream delivers the most comprehensive mobility cybersecurity solution and threat intelligence in the industry.

  • Upstream enables Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to detect and mitigate risks related to their components throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle, especially during the component development phase and the post-production phase utilizing software-related components for OTA updates.
  • In-line with the demands of cybersecurity standards and regulations, Upstream enables Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to demonstrate to an OEM that the supplier-related risks are identified and managed as well as to provide evidence to the OEM that they implemented all necessary cybersecurity measures.
  • Upstream analysts can develop a tailor-made threat model and monitoring plan based on a supplier's specific hardware and software assets and particular concerns.
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Upstream helps Tier 1 and 2 suppliers when it comes to
compliance with cybersecurity
standards and regulations.

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Gain visibility over your role in the mobility supply chain

Upstream enables increased visibility and a holistic understanding of the mobility supply chain.

  • Upstream offers customized tracking based on a product’s bill of materials or listed assets enables suppliers to gain insight and visibility over their components and their relationship with the broader mobility supply chain.
  • Upstream's AutoThreat Intelligence includes a designated section dedicated to detecting vehicle component and device vulnerabilities by documenting vulnerabilities at the vehicle, component, and infrastructure level and offering ECU and vulnerability mapping correlated to individual vehicle models.
  • Tier 1 and 2 suppliers can utilize Upstream to track and manage the creation and sale of counterfeit products, especially throughout the deep and dark web.
  • Increased visibility over components enable Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to more effectively manage their reputation and revenue.
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What happens when a vehicle contains vulnerable software or hardware?

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Optimize the quality of your components

Upstream aids mobility suppliers in the optimization of their components and products.

  • Upstream can predict failures in vehicle batteries and engines as well as find the root cause for vehicle DTCs, enabling EV OEMs to enhance their product and aleviate user concerns regarding battery life, engine capabilities, and more.
  • With Upstream, EV OEMs can utilize mobility data to better understand customer preferences and needs in order to customize experiences through relevant OTA or software upgrades.
  • Upstream enables EV OEMs to offer usage-based services that are not as readily available to legacy OEMs.
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Case Studies

Upstream Detects a Critical Vulnerability in Linux-Based Head Units

In this case study, we explore how AutoThreat’s® automotive-specific cybersecurity analysts discovered a critical CVE within Tier-1 head units installed globally in 1.7 million luxury vehicles, analyzed the threat severity before an attack was carried out and remotely mitigated the problem, working with the supplier to address the vulnerability without issuing a recall. Read about how Upstream’s AutoThreat® Intelligence team works to hunt threats that are hiding in the surface, deep, and dark web- allowing you to meet R156 regulations, ISO/SAE 21434 standards, and keep your assets protected at all times.

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nlock the Value of your Mobility Data

Built upon the Upstream Platform architecture are purpose-built and customizable platform applications that shift mobility data insights into action