Upstream for Advanced Analytics

Upstream's cloud-based data analytics applications are purpose-built and contextualized for connected vehicles.

Leveraging the Upstream Platform, applications ingest, normalize, and analyze smart mobility data, providing actionable insights for various mobility use-cases.

Optimize, Enhance, and Monetize Connected Vehicles

OEMs, fleets, insurance companies, customer experience solution providers, and mobility service providers can now rely on Upstream’s Advanced Analytics to optimize mobility data while enhancing and monetizing connected vehicle assets.


Optimize connected vehicle data through quality validation and cleansing processes


Enhance the product development and maintenance of your connected vehicles


Monetize your connected vehicle data and offer additional customer experience benefits

Immediate deployment with an agent-less solution

The Upstream Platform is cloud-based and agent-less, requiring no in-vehicle installation. This approach allows for rapid deployment, quick results, and maximum ROI.

Enable relevant and actionable business use-cases

Utilizing AI-powered anomaly detection capabilities, the Upstream Platform offers detectors focused on predictive maintenance, insurance, and business intelligence. It also allows users to develop and customize applications by defining their own detectors, for example, car crash alerts. This ability to apply centralized cross-customer and customer-specific detections enable relevant and actionable product and business insights based on user-defined needs.

Flexible and customized querying capabilities

Remain agile with custom querying based on user parameters, component characteristics, vehicle make, year, model, geographical location, fleet category, vehicle events (such as an OTA update), and more. The flexible querying offers the ability to explore data, slice and dice it according to multiple attributes, and investigate newly discovered scenarios in detail.

Visualize data with customized dashboards and reports

A user-friendly dashboard and reporting capabilities provide visibility and insights into smart mobility asset behavior. The easy-to-use, highly interactive, and customizable interface means users can manage and explore data insights directly based on their decision criteria, including fleet optimization, usage-based insurance policies, business intelligence, or more.

An open platform to leverage third-party integrations

Build customized telematics applications and leverage third-party integrations through Upstream’s open platform. Empower multiple business groups within an organization to utilize the same smart mobility data, picking the insights which are most relevant to them.

Take action with workflow automations

The Upstream platform offers seamless integration with workflow automation systems, enhancing productivity and generating actions based on insights discovered by platform applications. Advanced analytics detectors trigger third-party workflow solutions and relevant playbooks for processes related to fleet maintenance, FNOL, workforce management, customer experience, and more.

Data Analytics for the Changing Connected Vehicle Landscape

Consumer OEM

Optimize and monetize connected vehicle data

Commercial OEM

Optimize truck and service vehicle efficiency and use


Enhance the EV customer experience

Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers

Optimize the development process and the quality of vehicle components

Automotive Insurance

Optimize insurance offerings and policies

Rental Cars and Fleets

Optimize fleet usage and uptime

Managed Service Providers

Offer additional value-added services to automotive customers

Smart Cities and Government

Improve and enhance the residential experience

Transform the Future of Mobility with the Power of Data-Driven Insights

Turn your data into actionable insights that fuel your business