Smart-Cities and Governments

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Cybersecurity and Safety

Secure smart-city mobility infrastructure against cyber attacks

Upstream secures smart-city mobility infrastructure and services such as shared mobility assets, traffic lights, parking meters, and more against cyber attacks, threats, and abuse.

  • Upstream’s cloud-based automotive cybersecurity data platform monitors and secures every asset in the smart-mobility infrastructure, including the telematics servers, vehicles, mobility applications, and companion vehicle mobile apps.
  • Upstream's cybersecurity solution can be integrated with a city-wide SOC to secure the mobility infrastructure against cyber attacks that can lead to financial damage, operational issues, privacy concerns, and most importantly massive public safety repercussions.
  • Automotive domain expertise and inside access to large OEM data sets allow Upstream’s automotive data analysis and behavioral profiling capabilities to provide critical and unique smart-mobility security and operational insights.
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Cyber-crime is a reality in smart-cities. How can we protect connected transportation?

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Experience Enhancement

Enhance the smart-city citizen experience

Upstream's cybersecurity and data analytics capabilities enable enhanced and more robust smart-city citizen opportunities.

  • Upstream enables smart-city stakeholders to utilize mobility data to inform citizen-centric solutions and impact city policy to drive mobility related decisions such as enhanced V2X experiences, shared mobility opportunities, public transportation growth and more.
  • Upstream provides incident management for the entire smart-mobility network and can be integrated with third party applications to tailor the solution to a smart-city's needs.
  • Upstream provides the means for immediate action by triggering beneficial and automated workflows, such as automated car accident detection and automatically engaging roadside assistance or emergency services when necessary.
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How can connectivity enhance the citizen and customer experience?

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Optimize your smart-city mobility-related decision making processes

Upstream enables smart cities and governments to take ownership over their mobility data and utilize it effectively

  • Upstream's mobility digital twin capabilities provides smart city stakeholders birds-eye-view of their mobility assets and services enabling a holistic understanding and informed decisions.
  • The Upstream Platform is purpose-built to scale as the smart-city infrastructure grows, with the open platform enabling users to build and add on customized applications or leverage third-party integrations necessary to optimize the city's success.
  • Upstream's easy-to-use, highly interactive, and customizable interface allows smart-city users to manage and explore data insights directly based on their desired outcome, such as public transport predictive maintenance, shared-services optimization, business intelligence, or more.
  • Upstream’s aggregated data and analytics vantage can lead to an increase in city-wide revenue by satisfying citizen demand for next-gen mobility products, applications, and services.
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nlock the Value of your Mobility Data

Built upon the Upstream Platform architecture are purpose-built and customizable platform applications that shift mobility data insights into action