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Cybersecurity and Safety

Manage and underwrite cybersecurity and safety risks unique to connected mobility

Upstream provides mobility insurance companies with unparalleled data-driven cybersecurity and safety insights and offerings.

  • Upstream enables the detection of a variety of safety issues including driver behavior and the mechanical condition of the vehicle, including vital information such as low tire pressure or a braking system needing maintenance, and can be programmed to alert the drivers in real time.
  • Upstream creates a digital twin of the entire vehicle and its individual components and feeds that data into machine learning models enabling the detection of component-level failure or activation, such as in the case of an activated air-bag during a car crash.
  • Upstream AutoThreat Intelligence can be used to assess cyber risk and fleet posture as well as manage and track the risk of cybersecurity threats related to specific vehicles models, makes, and geographical locations.
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Yunseong Hwang VP of Open Innovation Investment Group at Hyundai Motor

“Upstream has demonstrated how its optimized security technology can strengthen vehicle security.”


Optimize the insurance claims process to increase your revenue and control loss

Upstream enables automotive insurers the opportunity optimize mobility data and offer true and effective telematics-based automotive insurance

  • Upstream's capabilities enable insurance companies to utilize telematics data as a single source of truth in order to determine the accuracy of insurance claims and prevent fraud.
  • Upstream provides the means for immediate action by triggering automated workflows, such as an automated first notification of loss and automatically engaging roadside assistance and emergency services.
  • Upstream's capabilities can offer insurers broadened corporate insight on problematic routes, regions, and vehicles and enable them to maintain a competitive advantage in the risk-management space.
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Masashi Ippongi Director, Managing Executive Officer at Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited.

"Upstream’s data analytics vantage will help MSI satisfy the consumer demand for higher-value and next-gen insurance products, applications, and services.”


Enhance your insurance offerings and develop customized policies

Upstream leverages big data analytics and machine learning to enhance insurance offerings and enable insurance companies to develop customized user-based insurance policies

  • Upstream's behavioral profiling capabilities allow customized insurance insights based on vehicle data indicating driver characteristics, vehicle model or make, and/or component category. Historical data can also be used to identify high-risk drivers or trends, creating opportunity for tailored policies.
  • Upstream enables insurance companies to gain visibility and power over automotive data enabling them to build customized telematics applications and third-party integrations through the open platform.
  • Upstream’s aggregated data and analytics vantage can lead to an increase in revenue by satisfying the consumer demand for higher-value and next-gen insurance products, applications, and services.
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What is the future of connected mobility insurance?

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nlock the Value of your Mobility Data

Built upon the Upstream Platform architecture are purpose-built and customizable platform applications that shift mobility data insights into action