Automotive Cybersecurity by the Numbers

[News | December 15, 2020] In this AutoBeat article, Senior Editor of AutoBeat Daily reviews the analysis and statistics in the 2021 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report.

Connected Cars: Connectivity and Telematics

[News | December 2020] In June 2020, Upstream Security partnered with Amazon, to offer greater security to automotive companies using AWS for their data storage.

Automotive Cybersecurity: Enabling Safety and Security for the Connected Car

[News | December 2020] "According to Upstream Security’s Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2020, the number of known automotive cyber-security incidents almost doubled between 2018 and 2019."
JMP The Hottest Privately Held Security Companies in Israel

The Hottest Privately Held Security Companies in Israel

[News | November 2020] JMP Securities LLC highlighted Upstream as one of "The hottest privately-held security companies in Israel".

The hack found on Tesla Model X highlights the vulnerability of different systems in connected vehicles

[News | November 24, 2020] Upstream's automotive cyber threat research and analysis is referenced in this Business Insider article.

Telematics Wire | Protecting connected vehicles through open innovation

[News | November 2020] This article in Telematics Wire by the Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi Alliance Innovation Lab, highlights Upstream's partnership and cybersecurity solution.

Five New Jobs to Safeguard Our Ever-More Connected Lives

[News | October 4, 2020] In this WSJ article, Dan Sahar, Upstream’s VP product, adds insight into emerging professions, like cybersecurity experts within the connected vehicle space.

Complex Automotive Software: What’s Your Strategy?

[News | September 3, 2020] The cloud-based SaaS cybersecurity platform can be used without in-car cybersecurity software client for vehicle fleets. Upstream Security is one of the leading ...

Daily Drive Podcast: The industry's 'massive' effort to combat cyber threats

[News | August 21, 2020] Automotive News hosted Upstream's VP Product, Dan Sahar, in a podcast about how COVID-19 is impacting and reshaping the automotive industry.