Webinar: How To Comply with Upcoming Automotive Cybersecurity Regulations in a Changing Cyber Threat Landscape

This webinar is Part 1 of our “Automotive Cybersecurity Standards and Regulations” webinar series focusing on the ISO/SAE 21434 and the WP.29 regulations

As the automotive industry shifts toward connected cars and smart mobility, cyber resiliency becomes a vital aspect across every level of the value chain. For an industry that has excelled in hardware, this is a real paradigm shift as secure software and cybersecurity measures have now become an integral part of all processes including sourcing, engineering, production, and lifecycle management.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Understand what the new automotive cybersecurity regulations such as the ISO/SAE 21434 and the WP.29 mean for the industry and the transformational change needed to rethink existing processes across the entire automotive value chain.
  • Gain a better understanding of the strategic implications and compliance requirements that will become relevant for vehicle homologation in the upcoming years.
  • Get an insider’s look into practical cybersecurity tools and solutions for effective compliance with these standards and regulations.

Upstream’s Co-Founder and CTO, Yonatan Appel, will delve into the practical applications of the standard/regulations, insight into the current automotive cyber threats to be mitigated, and tips about successful implementation of the standard/regulations.

About Yonatan Appel

Yonatan is leading Upstream’s product development, bringing 20 years of technology development and product management experience in industry-leading multinational companies. He brings deep experience in cybersecurity innovation in world-leading application security companies such as Check Point and Imperva, as well as experience in developing enterprise-grade cloud-based analytics technologies in Microsoft. He also served in an elite technological unit in the IDF Intelligence Corps. Yonatan holds a BA in Computer Science from the Open University of Israel (cum laude), and an LLB from Tel Aviv University.