Webinar: How to design a Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC)

Most enterprises today operate a security operations center (SOC) to prevent cybersecurity threats and detect and respond to any incident on the computers, servers, and networks it oversees.

Automotive companies have realized that there is an even more pressing need to design and develop a customized vehicle SOC designed for detecting and responding to threats that target their connected car and peripheral services—known as a VSOC.

In this webinar, Dan Sahar, Vice President of Products at Upstream Security, outlines the best practices for designing a SOC that meets the unique requirements of an automotive and connected vehicle environment.

Duration: 1 Hour

Featured Speakers: Dan Sahar, VP Product – Upstream Security

Key talking points include:

    • The overall architecture of a VSOC, including assets, threat detection, threat feeds, and products used within it
    • The data feeds that power the SOC from the OT and IT networks
    • Playbook requirements and considerations
    • The VSOC implementation models being utilized by automakers and fleets