H1'2024 Report: Redefining Automotive & Smart Mobility IoT Cyber Risks

SIM-enabled IoT devices, primarily in the automotive and smart mobility ecosystem, have evolved into critical infrastructure, redefining cyber risks and requiring stakeholders to ensure safety, operational availability, and data integrity.


With this proliferation of IoT-driven technologies in the automotive and smart mobility ecosystem, cybersecurity must also encompass IoT devices (vehicle-embedded, after-market, and mobility-related) to ensure the safety and availability of critical infrastructure and support effective transportation of people and goods worldwide.


Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover how the surge in SIM-enabled IoT devices in automotive and smart mobility sectors is driving a critical need for advanced cyber threat detection
  • Uncover the shift in cybersecurity incidents, with large-scale attacks now targeting millions of assets
  • Explore why automotive and smart mobility IoT devices are now classified as critical infrastructure, leading to new regulatory frameworks aimed at fortifying their cybersecurity defenses

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