The automotive cybersecurity inflection point in 2024: from experimental to massive-scale attacks

In this webinar, Upstream experts share significant findings from Upstream’s 2024 Global Automotive Cyber Trends Report, providing insights and predictions for 2024.

Upstream analyzed hundreds of automotive cyber incidents from the past year to identify critical trends in the automotive landscape.

The report is born of a year-long analysis of ~1500 automotive cybersecurity incidents and attacks over the past decade – 295 in 2023 alone! Our research teams also monitored hundreds of deep and dark web forums, marketplaces, and malicious ‘chatter’ to deliver the latest insights on the state of the automotive cyber landscape.

Webinar key takeaways:

  • Discover why there will be a significant increase in large-scale incidents, impacting thousands to millions of connected vehicles and mobility assets
  • Gain insight into the growing number of incidents targeting backend and infotainment systems
  • Learn about the major threat actor activities in the deep and dark web
  • Find out about the financial impact of automotive attacks
  • Discover how hackers are using GenAI – and learn how to stop them

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