Upstream Detects a Critical Vulnerability in Linux-Based Head Units

Finding a critical vulnerability within 1.7 million vehicles is enough to put any OEM on high alert.

In this case study, we explore how AutoThreat’s® automotive-specific cybersecurity analysts

  • Discovered a critical CVE within Tier-1 head units installed globally in 1.7 million luxury vehicles
  • Analyzed the threat severity before an attack was carried out
  • and remotely mitigated the problem, working with the supplier to address the vulnerability without issuing a recall.

Read about how Upstream’s AutoThreat® Intelligence team works to hunt threats that are hiding in the surface, deep, and dark web- allowing you to meet R156 regulations, ISO/SAE 21434 standards, and keep your assets protected at all times.


About AutoThreat®

Upstream’s AutoThreat® Intelligence is the automotive industry’s leading cyber threat intelligence and risk assessment solution. Purpose-built to collect, analyze, and leverage automotive threat intel from multiple public and dark web sources, empowering users to manage risks and vulnerabilities, comply with cybersecurity standards and regulations, and take action to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks.

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