Upstream Security's 2021 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report

Research Into Cyber Attack Trends In Light Of Cybersecurity Standards And Regulations

2020 has been a year of disruption in the automotive industry, both because of COVID-19 and the new automotive cybersecurity standards and regulations. The rising number of connected vehicles increases the entry points and vulnerabilities that hackers can leverage, and the ever-growing automotive cyber threat landscape continues to develop.

This 2021 Global Automotive Cybersecurity report includes an in-depth analysis of the cyber threat landscape over the last decade, with an emphasis on 2020. Upstream Security’s research team classified and analyzed hundreds of publicly reported incidents, and for the first-time-ever, mapped cyber incidents according to the UNECE WP.29 threat categories and dived into non-disclosed incidents found on the deep and dark web.

This Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report includes:

  • Cyber threat trends over the last decade, highlighting 2020
  • Details and analysis of 200+ cyber incidents from 2020
  • ISO/SAE 21434 standard and UNECE WP.29 regulation in practice
  • A dive into real-life deep and dark web automotive cyber attacks
  • Current automotive cybersecurity solutions incorporated in the industry

Download this one-of-a-kind report and gain unique insights and statistics that will help OEMs, Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers, smart mobility service providers, and other automotive stakeholders be better equipped to deal with new and emerging cyber threats.

*For the Japanese version of this report please click here.