451 Research Report: Upstream

451 Research analysts, Garrett Bekker and Patrick Daly researched Upstream’s unique cloud-based automotive cybersecurity solution.

In this report, the analysts provide their insights on Upstream’s innovative solution that examines transmissions between vehicles and backend servers together with mobile app communications. Upstream enables OEMs and connected fleet operators, such as rental, leasing and car-sharing businesses, to take advantage of the wealth of vehicle data to gain visibility into their fleets while protecting them from cyber-threats and fraud.

Download the report to learn:

  • How automotive cybersecurity is delivered from the cloud with nothing to install in the vehicle
  • How Upstream leverages the telematics, ECU and other data that connected vehicles are already collecting
  • How are driver profiles built and used for cybersecurity
  • How fleet managers can understand vehicle usage and cyber incidents at a single glance