Our next webinar is about...you

We had a problem.

After reaching out to many people in our Upstream community, we realized that there were too many fascinating connected car cybersecurity topics to speak about. We could spend hours upon hours discussing it.

So, instead of just choosing the topic that we liked best, we decided to throw the choice out to you, the future webinar attendees! Afterall, the point of a webinar is to teach people about topics they actually care about.


Now is your chance! Take a few seconds to help make our choice easier and your webinar better by choosing one of the options below:

Option 1:

Cyber-threats and trends – We’ll explore recent trends in connected car cybersecurity through deep technical dives into recent publicly reported incidents.

Option 2:

Understanding security regulations – As new regulations on the connected car industry are being placed, like ISO/SAE 21434, learn about what they mean for you and how to equip your team with solutions that keep your company in compliance.

Option 3:

Upstream C4 – Learn more about how our cloud-native and 100% agent-less platform, Upstream C4, delivers data-driven cybersecurity and incorporates the security functionality needed to detect automotive cyber threats in real-time.

Option 4:

VSOC – You’ve probably heard about SOC teams already, but with the growing threats against the smart mobility sector, it’s time we discuss VSOC, Vehicle Security Operation Centers. Learn about what the challenges are in creating an effective VSOC and how to overcome them.

Option 5:

Fleet  – Current connected fleet infrastructures create multiple attack vectors for hackers with the potential to impact multiple vehicles at the same time, resulting in a danger to the drivers of the fleet and massive financial and brand damage to the fleet. Learn about your options for a safer and more secure fleet.