Upstream Security Mid-Year Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2019

As the number of connected vehicles on the road increases, along with the use of smart mobility services, we see a continued growth in the reported automotive cyber and fraud incidents. Understanding potential vulnerabilities and how criminals take advantage of them is key to preventing attacks in the future.

At Upstream, our research team is constantly analyzing incidents as they occur with the goal of delivering this critical information, while ensuring that our technology stays one step ahead of hackers and fraudsters.

In April 2019, Upstream published findings for Q1 of this year, which brought to surface the rapid increase in the number of incidents. Now, with H1 in the past, Upstream’s research team has produced an updated mid-year report based on reported incidents worldwide.

In this cyber security report you will learn that:

  • The number of automotive related incidents is growing rapidly
  • Growth in the number of black-hat (cyber criminals) attacks are endangering human safety
  • Remote keyless entry systems account for 47% of incidents
  • Server-related hacks account for 18% of all incidents and include multi-vehicle attacks and ransomware
  • Mobile attacks account for 8% of incidents
  • OBD related incidents resulted in 6.5% of all attacks in 2019

Upstream Security’s 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report