Watch: Global Automotive Cybersecurity and WP.29 at Escar Europe 2020

This 25-minute session was hosted live by Upstream’s Co-Founder and CTO, Yonatan Appel at the 18th annual Escar Europe virtual conference. 

The recording includes an analysis of the cyber threat landscape over the last ten years, with an emphasis on the threats and vulnerabilities related to the WP.29 regulation, where Upstream Security’s research team classified and analyzed hundreds of incidents to offer unique insights and statistics to help one be prepared for the future of automotive cyber threats and cybersecurity.

The presentation includes overviews on:

  • Growing trends over the past 10 years 
  • Analysis of over 600 cyber incidents 
  • Top attack vectors and impacts 
  • In-depth analysis of WP.29 threats and vulnerabilities
  • WP.29 correlation to real-life cyber attacks
  • Current solutions incorporated in the industry