Watch - EV charging infrastructure: the battle of sustainability versus cybersecurity resilience

In this webinar, Tomas Bodeklint of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Upstream’s Giuseppe Serio examine the cybersecurity threats introduced by the complex electric vehicle charging landscape, the impact on different stakeholders, and the solutions currently available to detect and mitigate threats.


Key topics and takeaways:

  • Gain insight into the scope of attacks on electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which in 2022 accounted for 4% of all automotive cybersecurity incidents
  • Learn about the research activities by white hat actors that highlighted the wide range of cybersecurity threats across many popular charging infrastructure suppliers and platforms
  • Find out about the numerous types of malicious attacks by black hat actors, including manipulating charging stations and even the first signs of ransom attacks



  • Tomas Bodeklint, Research and Business Developer, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden LinkedIn
  • Ted Strandberg, Functional Safety Expert, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden LinkedIn
  • Kerim Galijatovic, Sales Director, Upstream LinkedIn
  • Giuseppe Serio, VP Market Development, Upstream LinkedIn

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