Webinar: Automotive Cyber-Threat Trends - A Technical Deep Dive Into Recent Incidents

Every major OEM worldwide has recognized the need for a Vehicle SOC (VSOC), driven by the drastic increase in cybersecurity-related incidents in the industry. This is only going to accelerate as Autonomous, Connected and Electric (ACE) vehicles become more prevalent, providing more advanced services, while simultaneously increasing their attack surface. 

In this webinar, Allan Konar, Upstream’s Solution Architect explores recent trends in vehicular cyber-security through deep technical dives into recently publicly reported incidents, as well as examples of undisclosed 0-day vectors.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Featured Speaker: Allan Konar, Solutions Architect – Upstream Security

Key talking points include:

    • Understanding the current connected car infrastructure
    • Overview of automotive cyber-attack methods and vectors
    • Deep-dive into particular automotive cyber-incidents
    • Including attacks against telematics servers
    • Defense and protection mechanisms against automotive cyber-threats

About the presenter:

Allan Konar, a Solutions Architect with Upstream Security, brings over 20 years of hands-on security experience spanning application, web-based, wireless and networking technologies. He actively works with organizations of all sizes to design and deploy solutions based on Upstream’s award-winning C4 platform.