Upstream Security Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2019- AudioBook

Automotive Cybersecurity, Fleet Cybersecurity, Telematics Cybersecurity

Despite years of research on the risks for connected cars, the overall state of real-life threats has remained unclear. Until now.

Automotive cyber threats have become a popular topic in recent years. Despite ample research on the various threats and risks on modern vehicles and many articles mentioning specific automotive attacks, the overall state of real-life attacks and threats remains unclear. How many attacks have really occurred over the past decade? Are all the attacks on Smart Mobility orchestrated by White hat security researchers? What are the actual attack vectors as well as the damage done?

Our research team has taken the challenge of systematically classifying and analyzing multi-year data and summarizing the facts and figures into a first-of-its-kind report.

This report presents analysis and insights of data from more than 170 real-life incidents recorded between 2010 and 2018 while highlighting the trends Smart Mobility stakeholders need to be aware of in an increasingly connected ecosystem.

In this report you will learn:

  • What are the major automotive cyber-attack stories of 2018?
  • How many connected car cyberattacks have occurred over the past decade?
  • What are the top attack vectors?
  • Who’s leading the attacks: White hat security researchers or Black hat cybercriminals?
  • What is the extent of damage done?
  • What are the predictions for 2019?

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