Upstream Security and Drivesec Team Up to Offer Automated Penetration Testing with Real-time Threat Monitoring for Automotive and IoT

The joint offering expands and automates cyber risk assessments, testing, and compliance with product-driven threat intelligence as well as detection & response

Torino, Italy & Herzliya, Israel (April 17, 2024) – Upstream Security, the provider of the cybersecurity detection and response platform and threat intelligence for the automotive and IoT industry (V-XDR), and Drivesec, the testing and compliance experts for Automotive and IoT, today announced their partnership to deliver the most robust cybersecurity risk assessment and mitigation solution. The partnership will integrate dynamic product risk testing and compliance with deep and dark web risk monitoring and near real-time detection and response. Focusing on the connected vehicles and smart IoT ecosystem, this pre-integrated joint solution of Drivesec’s Weseth® and Upstream’s V-XDR platform will deliver a holistic and automation-driven approach to cyber risk mitigation.

As the Automotive and IoT ecosystem evolves and new applications, devices, and services are introduced, policymakers are rethinking regulations. In addition to the critical milestone of UNECE WP.29 R155, extending the scope to all new vehicles as of July 2024, around the world, legislators are becoming more aware of cybersecurity risks to vehicles, infrastructure, and consumer privacy. New laws, including those for autonomous vehicles, EV charging infrastructure, and a wide range of IoT devices are being drafted to address these risks.

Furthermore, the Automotive cybersecurity landscape has reached a dramatic inflection point, with 50% of publicly reported incidents in 2023 impacting thousands to millions of vehicles. The figure has more than doubled compared to 2022, demonstrating the shift of threat actors, mostly driven by financial motivation, to execute large-scale attacks impacting mobility devices and services on a global scale (source: Upstream’s 2024 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report).

“We are thrilled to join forces with Drivesec and create a holistic approach to cyber risk mitigation across the entire lifecycle of vehicles and IoT devices,” states Giuseppe Serio, VP Market Development at Upstream. “We look forward to working closely with the Drivesec team and leveraging their unique testing, automation, and compliance expertise to support customers with proactive risk assessment and effectively secure the software-defined evolution in the ecosystem.”

“Our joint solution with Upstream enables OEMs, Tier-1s, and IoT vendors to continuously assess vulnerabilities and posture with highly effective tools and processes,” explains Giuseppe Faranda Cordella, Founder & CEO of Drivesec. “Upstream’s purpose-built deep and dark web threat intelligence and detection and response platform perfectly augments our suite of solutions to ensure our customers can achieve optimal cybersecurity resilience in an ever-evolving, connected, and software-defined environment.”

The vehicle security operations center (vSOC) has become the central hub for Automotive cybersecurity initiatives, combining both monitoring for attacks with the capability to automate testing and validation scenarios for cybersecurity already during the product development phase. Drivesec and Upstream’s partnership enables to equip cybersecurity and vSOC teams across the supply chain with a wide range of tools, intelligence and insights to ensure risks are mitigated as fast and effectively as possible and thereby significantly save on testing budgets.

About Upstream Security

Upstream provides a cloud-based data management platform purpose-built for connected vehicles and IoT, delivering unparalleled mobility cybersecurity detection and response (M-XDR) and data-driven applications. The Upstream Platform unlocks the value of mobility data, empowering customers to build advanced data-driven applications by transforming highly distributed data into centralized, structured, contextualized data lakes. Coupled with product-driven Cyber Threat Intelligence, the first mobility cybersecurity threat intelligence solution, Upstream provides industry-leading cyber threat protection and actionable insights, seamlessly integrated into the customer’s environment and vehicle or mobility security operations centers.

About Drivesec

Drivesec supports its clients in providing the best available security solutions, offering a wide range of services, all capable of ensuring top-notch secure coding practices and compliance with current regulations, starting from the ISO 21434 standard.

Drivesec has developed a testing platform, Weseth®, that provides support to industries in enhancing their capabilities to test and validate the resilience to cyber risks of both existing and future products.

Drivesec’s solution enables remote testing of the target environment in a secure manner. Additional contents are available to optimize the testing activities: PT tools libraries, customized scripts for specific test cases, and automated functions for monitoring and solving vulnerabilities that are constantly evolving.

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