Get Ahead of Connected Vehicle Cyber Threats
AutoThreat intelligence enhances your threat landscape visibility, with unique domain expertise specific to automotive manufacturers and connected vehicle service providers. AutoThreat provides users with domain-specific context for trends to monitor, how threat actors unique to the automotive sector behave, and where they may be most vulnerable for an attack.

Keep Up with the Trends

Assess security and safety risks to vehicles and connected car infrastructure

Cover All Business Operations

Contextualize and communicate cyber threats across business operations

Automotive Penetration Tests

Design and build automotive related penetration tests based on latest threats

Prioritized Automotive Threats

Prioritize automotive risks and align security stakeholders to the most relevant threats

Fully Integrated Threat Intelligence

Quickly identify and mitigate new threats as AutoThreat fully integrates with C4

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Accessible User-Friendly Portal

View reports, trends, and critical insights in the connected vehicle environment



AutoThreat fuses Upstream’s expertise at the forefront of cybersecurity and automotive cyber threat intelligence (CTI). Upstream has built the first threat intelligence operations targeted at the automotive industry and multiple types of corporations utilizing connected vehicles at their core. Upstream’s AutoThreat researchers built a dedicated portal for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating threat intelligence specific to the automotive sector and tailored to Upstream’s different customers, ranging from vehicle OEM manufacturers to connected fleets. AutoThreat helps organizations develop their own intelligence-led security operations with the unique nuances and understanding required of moving vehicle infrastructures. With the AutoThreat portal, organizations can readily take action by enhancing their security defenses and visibility into the threat landscape unique to their connected vehicle environments.

AutoThreat Intelligence

Protecting Against Continuously Evolving Threats

Upstream’s AutoThreat research team leverages intelligence from multiple internal and external sources in order to analyze vulnerabilities, automotive oriented attacks, and threats to alert Upstream’s customers and develop protective countermeasures. Upstream uses a variety of threat analysis tools in order to capture various threat indicators from public feeds as well as dark web activity. Additionally, Upstream AutoThreat uncovers vulnerabilities in specific popular automotive components and vehicles, and combines them with threat metadata gleaned from connected vehicle data feeds. Threats are then analyzed and assessed in light of a growing library of automotive components in order to distill potential impacts across a variety of vehicles.

AutoThreat Intelligence - The First Comprehensive Automotive Threat Feed in the Industry

AutoThreat Intelligence

Comprehensive Automotive Threat Reports

  • Black hat vs. white hat
  • Remote hacks vs. local hacks
  • Risk and Impact
AutoThreat Intelligence

Automotive Cyber Attack Vectors

  • How are hackers getting in
  • Most common automotive attack vectors
AutoThreat Intelligence

Automotive Component and Device Vulnerabilities

  • Documented vulnerabilities at the vehicle, component and infrastructure level
  • ECU and vulnerability mapping correlated to vehicle models

Upstream C4 – Fully Integrated Threat Intelligence

Upstream’s AutoThreat Intelligence works together with C4, constantly collecting and analyzing data in the background, while also providing users with an accessible portal to view visual reports, trends, and more.

AutoThreat Intelligence is used in the creation of Upstream C4 correlation rules or behavioral analysis models to indicate added risk of automotive components and vehicle assets. Upstream C4 automatically leverages threat insights to drive new policies and signatures without requiring users to install apps, write scripts, or alter workflows. New security capabilities are added with no additional cost or impact to the user. The result is that the C4 deployment is constantly kept up-to-date with the threat intelligence feed integrated directly into the C4 platform. The combined solution enables users to quickly identify and mitigate new and emerging attacks.

Accessible User-Friendly Portal. By logging into the AutoThreat portal, organizations can get a visual representation of automotive cyber threats, allowing them to take action by enhancing their security defenses and visibility in a landscape unique to their connected vehicle environments.