Upstream Security and Volta Team Up to Safeguard the Future of Electric Fleets

Upstream will monitor and secure ‘Volta Zero’ electric truck during the London to Geneva EV Rally 2024

Ann Arbor, MI, London, UK (June 19, 2024) – Upstream Security, the leading provider of the cloud-based cybersecurity and data management platform purpose-built for automotive, smart mobility, and IoT, today announced its partnership with Volta Commercial Vehicles, a full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services company. Through this collaboration, Upstream Security will provide Volta with its cutting-edge platform, safeguarding Volta’s electric fleet and new business models. With Upstream’s platform, Volta can ensure the safety and optimal operational availability of its trucks and charging infrastructure, and protect driver and vehicle-sensitive data.

‘Volta Zero’ is the world’s first purpose-built full-electric 16-ton vehicle designed for urban logistics, reducing the environmental impact of freight deliveries in city centers. The Volta Zero will participate in the 1,000km London-to-Geneva EV Rally, providing an opportunity to showcase its unique benefits and commitment to zero-emission transportation.

“Ensuring driver safety, vehicle safety, and cybersecurity resilience is a top priority for Volta,” stated Martin Hofmann, Chief Technology & Information Officer of Volta. “During our evaluation process, Upstream Security stood out as the market leader with its comprehensive approach to fleet monitoring and anomaly detection.”

“We are honored to collaborate with the Volta team”, adds Yoav Levy, CEO and Co-Founder of Upstream Security. “Electric fleets are essential for a sustainable future. Volta is pioneering a new generation of electric software-defined vehicles that empower delivery fleets with efficiency and security, while fully embracing a zero-emission mindset and the digital transformation of mobility. Beyond the many built-in features that enhance the security and safety of the Volta Zero, Upstream’s mobility detection and response platform will offer holistic monitoring and protection for the vehicles, telematics, cloud systems, and connected applications.”

In addition to partnering with Upstream Security, Volta has also teamed up with AWS, building its core platform on top of AWS IoT FleetWise. Together with AWS and Upstream, Volta unlocks the full potential of connected vehicle and IoT data, enhancing vehicle quality, performance monitoring, and ensuring optimal safety and cybersecurity resilience.

“Protecting our electric trucks requires a unique approach to cybersecurity,” adds Hofmann. “Our trucks are an integral part of a complex ecosystem that includes a robust digital experience for drivers and fleet owners, advanced connectivity with fleet applications, and trustworthy charging infrastructure. Upstream’s multi-layered approach to safeguarding connected electric fleets, IoT devices, and EV charging infrastructure allows us to effectively monitor vehicle behavior and performance at the individual vehicle level, fleet level, connected telematics applications, and even during the charging process, all from our vehicle security operations center (vSOC). With Upstream’s platform and its automotive-centric threat intelligence capabilities, we can ensure a future-proof system that continuously unlocks the value of automotive & IoT data, supporting enhanced customer experience, advanced risk management, and our ongoing mission to ensure safety and long-term decarbonization.”

About Volta Commercial Vehicles

Volta is accelerating the transition to fully electric trucks, focusing primarily on operations in major cities across Europe and the UK. With the innovative ‘Volta Zero’ and its unique human-centric design, Volta is enhancing urban safety, health, and sustainability while mitigating the effects of climate change.

About Upstream Security

Upstream provides a cloud-based data management platform purpose-built for connected vehicles and IoT, delivering unparalleled mobility cybersecurity detection and response (M-XDR) and data-driven applications. The Upstream Platform unlocks the value of mobility data, empowering customers to build advanced data-driven applications by transforming highly distributed data into centralized, structured, contextualized data lakes. Coupled with product-driven Cyber Threat Intelligence, the first mobility cybersecurity threat intelligence solution, Upstream provides industry-leading cyber threat protection and actionable insights, seamlessly integrated into the customer’s environment and vehicle or mobility security operations centers.

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