Enhance Cybersecurity Investigations with Ocean AI by Upstream

In the fast-evolving world of automotive and mobility cybersecurity, Ocean AI by Upstream adds another tool to the toolkit used by analysts to identify and mitigate cyber threats. This innovative AI component is designed to enhance the investigation process of risks and threats faced by the connected vehicle and IoT ecosystems through its user-friendly, chat-like interface that simplifies complex data analysis.

Streamlined Investigations at Your Fingertips

Ocean AI is part of the Upstream Platform and offers a seamless transition from detailed incident analysis to broader cyber threat assessments. Security teams can now effortlessly query large datasets to spot trends and pinpoint vulnerabilities, thereby facilitating quicker and more effective cybersecurity responses.

See how Ocean AI transforms everyday cybersecurity tasks

In the demo video, Shachar Azriel, VP Product at Upstream Security, walks us through two use cases.

  1. Proactive Threat Identification: Within a 30-day window, Ocean AI can identify which assets triggered alerts, delve into specifics like make, model, and year, and determine the commonalities among these alerts. This allows security teams to focus on the most vulnerable assets and strategize accordingly.
  2. Trend Analysis and Response: Ocean AI helps identify which alerts have increased in frequency. By analyzing the relevant Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and software versions, teams can understand underlying issues and respond swiftly to emerging threats.

The Advantage of Ocean AI

Ocean AI empowers security teams with an additional tool to tackle cyber threats proactively. Its capacity to navigate vast data sets quickly and its intuitive interface makes it an invaluable asset. 

Integrating Ocean AI into your security strategy enhances both the efficiency and efficacy of your cybersecurity operations.

Learn more about the Upstream Platform and schedule a demo!


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