Exploring Upstream’s Cybersecurity Report with Giuseppe Serio


The episode explores the latest developments in automotive cybersecurity, focusing on the Upstream Cybersecurity Threat Report for 2023.

It highlights the importance of responsible disclosure and safe practices in automotive cybersecurity research, emphasizing the need for caution and proper communication.
Giuseppe discusses the evolving landscape of automotive cybersecurity, noting the importance of understanding the various threat actors and their motives.

Listeners can expect a comprehensive overview of the current state of automotive cybersecurity, as well as insights into what the future may hold for the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Upstream Cybersecurity Threat Report 2023: The report provides a comprehensive overview of the latest threats in automotive cybersecurity, using data from VSOCs and external sources like the dark web. It serves as a key resource for industry professionals.
  • Responsible Disclosure and Safe Practices: The episode emphasizes the importance of responsible disclosure in cybersecurity research, focusing on safety and proper communication when dealing with sensitive information.
  • Trends in Automotive Cybersecurity: The conversation explores the evolving landscape of automotive cybersecurity, highlighting key trends, threats, and the significance of understanding various threat actors.
  • Future Outlook: Giuseppe provides insights into the future of automotive cybersecurity, discussing how the industry is expected to change and the potential challenges ahead.



  • On Automotive Cybersecurity Trends: “The industry is changing rapidly. We’re seeing a significant increase in the number of cyber threats targeting vehicles and automotive systems. This is partly due to the increasing complexity of vehicles and the integration of advanced technologies.”
  • On the Role of Vehicle Security Operations Centers (VSOCs): “VSOCs play a crucial role in monitoring, detecting, and responding to cyber threats in real-time. They’re essential for maintaining the security and safety of connected vehicles.”
  • On Responsible Disclosure: “Responsible disclosure is key in the cybersecurity industry. It’s not just about finding vulnerabilities; it’s about ensuring that the information is handled properly to avoid potential risks to public safety.”
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