Driving Automotive Cyber Resilience From Suppliers to OEMs

Watch Cosimo Senni, Ph.D. Marelli’s Connected Vehicle Cyber Security Senior Manager and Giuseppe Serio, Upstream’s VP Market Development for an automotive-focused webinar regarding the power suppliers hold in building cyber resilience for the entire ecosystem.

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Protecting Electric Vehicles: Modern Cybersecurity Solutions and the Road to Revenue

There is much to enjoy in the performance of electric vehicles and advanced features of electric vehicles, yet each connected capability such as GPS, mobile…

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Protecting Commercial Vehicles: Continuous Operation and Uptime Amidst Cybersecurity Threats

Read about how a multi-layered cloud-based approach can protect today’s commercial vehicles while streamlining data processes.

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Watch: Driving Automotive Cyber Resilience From Suppliers to OEMs

Watch as we answer: In today’s heightened automotive cybersecurity capabilities, why are black-hat attacks so common?

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Cybersecurity for Connected Vehicles: From Cost Centre to Value Centre

OEMs are relying on their connected vehicles to drive them from “Car Co’s” to “Tech Co’s”.

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Upstream Detects a Critical Vulnerability in Linux-Based Head Units

Read about how Upstream’s AutoThreat® Intelligence team works to hunt threats that are hiding in the surface, deep, and dark web- allowing you to meet…

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Watch: How Compliance Will Make or Break It for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers

  Webinar highlights: What is demanded of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers with regards to the WP.29 (R155) regulation and the ISO/SAE 212434 standard?…

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