It’s a Wrap for CES 2024


Director of Marketing Communications

January 17, 2024

What a week it was!

It was great seeing valued partners, customers, and industry leaders at this event. Cybersecurity for connected and software-defined vehicles was a main draw at the event, attesting to the growing importance that it plays and the measures taken to protect today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles from growing threats.

We presented at our partner booths; At the BlackBerry stand Tom Kaplan, Upstream’s Director of Data Analytics, showcased our joint demo with BlackBerry IVY® highlighting simulations of automotive cybersecurity attacks. These attacks were detected by Upstream’s detection and response cybersecurity solution using the BlackBerry IVY® connected vehicle data platform, showing the synergy at play when combined together.

Demo scenarios include:

  1. Identifying anomalies in vehicle systems such as ADAS by analyzing vehicle signal data and comparing insights across the vehicle fleet.
  2. Detecting a black hat attack by monitoring for abnormal battery drain in EVs

Jason Masker, our Director of Solutions Architecture in North America, presented at the AWS Automotive booth, focusing on how Upstream and AWS Automotive work together to leverage GenAI for turbo-charging automotive cyber investigations.

If you missed us at CES but would like us to walk you through the Upstream-Blackberry IVY demo, just reach out!

Team Upstream at BlackBerry & AWS stands

Upstream’s Jason Masker discusses GenAI at AWS

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