Embracing Next-Gen API Security with Upstream

In the rapidly evolving world of transportation and mobility, digital transformation has become a cornerstone of innovation and efficiency. The integration of data-driven applications and services is revolutionizing how businesses operate, leading to unprecedented levels of agility and productivity. APIs are the vital conduits that enable the innovative services and products leading the smart mobility industry.

APIs play a crucial role in everything from managing fleet operations to enhancing customer experiences. However, they introduce a new and evolving threat vector – and significant cybersecurity risks. APIs can provide gateways to critical cloud backend infrastructure and applications, exposing sensitive data and potentially compromising the operational continuity of entire fleets.

Upstream has introduced the next-generation solution for API Security, purpose-built for the transportation and mobility ecosystem.

Protect business operations with the most extensive API security coverage

Upstream’s API Security solution provides coverage against the OWASP API Security top 10, along with deep contextual fusion detection that leverages IT, OT, and IoT data.

Uniquely designed to correlate between API traffic and the contextual impact they have on operational systems and assets, Upstream’s API Security solution leverages the Upstream Platform’s Digital Twins to gain a comprehensive understanding of mobility assets. The innovative technology layers API discovery and monitoring with best-of-breed detection and response to protect applications and services against direct and third-party vulnerabilities. 

The Upstream platform’s design is future-proof, supporting optimal deployment through cloud, on-premises, and SaaS models. It’s capable of ingesting and processing massive amounts of API transactions and diverse data sources. With the no-code detector builder, cybersecurity teams can add detection capabilities for new use cases and business logic quickly and efficiently, no development resources required.

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