Israel’s Upstream wins funding to expand in automotive cybersecurity


Upstream Security has secured $30 million funding from a wide range of global automakers and venture capital firms

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Cybersecurity Risks: Protecting The Electric And Software-Defined Car

Electric cars and their associated charging stations are not the only new technologies and threats. The "software-defined vehicle" is a semi-new architectural platform (*arguably employed…

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The Great Inflection Point

From the assembly line to the showroom, the automobile industry has been an integral part of modern society for over a century. However, recent developments…

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Car Hackers Are Out for Blood

The rise of “smartphones on wheels” is ushering in cybersecurity risks that have never before existed on America’s roads.

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How Will Cyber Security Evolve in the Data-Driven World?

The automotive industry has a history of embracing cutting-edge technologies. Far from just an engine and four wheels, now a vehicle can have as many…

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A Cybersecurity Firm On THAT Tesla Scene From Netflix’s ‘Leave The World Behind’

If we know anything from the past few years, it's that the complex ins and outs of systems like Full Self-Driving are a bit lost…

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The double-edged sword of connected cars and cybersecurity

Discover how the increasing connectivity in cars comes with both advantages and vulnerabilities and how the automotive industry can strive to balance the benefits with…

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