Introduction to Upstream’s Centralized Automotive Cybersecurity


According to Gartner, today there are already more than 100 million connected vehicles on the road. Two years from now, almost any new vehicle will be shipped already connected. Today’s cars are basically computers on wheels. They include more than 100 small computers with more than 160 millions line of code.

Now the problem is that once you connect them to the internet they all become exposed to cyber threats. What if I tell you that today’s connected car can be protected from remote cyber attacks such as the one demonstrated about two years ago on Jeep Cherokee. Or protected from even more severe cyber attacks such as hacker attacking the back-end servers to gain control over an entire fleet of connected cars.

Or how about fraud like the incident happened in Australia early this year where a hacker infiltrated a carsharing database to steal identities and ride cars for free. I’m Oded Yarkoni, the head of marketing for Upstream and we’ve got the unique solution for all these threats. Upstream is developing an automotive cybersecurity solution for OEMs, Telematics Service Providers and also aftermarket of connected fleets such as carsharing.

Our solution can protect from remote cyber attacks, fraud and also violations of business policies. And the best part is that we are the only one to provide a cloud-based automotive cybersecurity solution which is non-intrusive. It uses data connected to fleets and OEMs are already collecting. This way we can protect vehicles that are already on the road today.

How do we do it? We inspect existing data center information which is being sent to our cloud securely and anonymized. That information is being analyzed and contextualized using big data and machine learning analytics to provide with the stakeholders actionable insights into the connected car ecosystem. This way they know immediately when something is wrong and they’re also getting the tools to further investigate get into the root cause and uncover additional blind spots.

If you would like to learn more please visit our website or look for us in the social media.

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