Introduction to Upstream Security – Automotive Cybersecurity & Advanced Analytics



With the rise in the number of connected cars and their digitalization, the number of automotive cyber-attacks increased dramatically. How can connected cars be secured?

Upstream Security is the first cloud-based cybersecurity solution designed specifically for protecting existing and new connected vehicles and smart mobility services from cyber-attack or misuse at rest and in motion. By leveraging data that is already being collected by OEM car manufacturers and Smart Mobility providers, such as connected vehicles, telematics, and mobility applications data, Upstream can protect vehicles already on the road without the need to install agents inside of the vehicles.

The Upstream service aggregates, normalizes and anonymizes all data feeds and then analyzes them using machine learning and big data analytics technologies. Upstream’s cybersecurity engines detect anomalies and cybersecurity incidents and alert the Security Operations Center in real-time. Upstream’s solution also encompasses a powerful mobility SIEM, which is fully operational into new or existing Security Operation Centers, with out-of-the-box integrations inclusive of playbook and workflow solutions.

A real-time user-friendly dashboard clearly displays an overview of the mobility service security posture, including connected car risk, cybersecurity and misuse incidents, and more… The interactive investigation dashboard offers easy options for incident drill-down including the first-of-its kin-mobility timeline coupled with vehicle context and geographic location. The system also comes with predefined and automated security policies as well as enabling user-defined policies that can easily be created and applied.

Leveraging our experience of working with multiple OEMs and a cloud-driven approach that does not disrupt vehicle production cycles, Upstream’s platform integrates into the customer environment in weeks, not years. The result is the most cost-optimized cybersecurity solution in the automotive industry today.

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アップストリーム・プラットフォームはWP.29 & ISO/SAE 21434 準拠にどのように役立ちますか?


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OEM やスマートモビリティ・ベンダーが高度な API セキュリティ保護を実装しているにもかかわらず、自動車エコシステム全体では API を利用した攻撃

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Monitoring and Protecting Smart Mobility Services & Applications

Monitoring and Protecting Smart Mobility Services & Applications

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