Meet the Expert: Enhancing SIEM Solutions for Vehicle Cybersecurity

Learn how the Upstream platform enhances SIEM solutions by adding purpose-built detection and response capabilities for vehicle cybersecurity. Explore the differences between vehicle data feeds and IT data feeds and discover the need for additional tools in the tech stack to integrate these for comprehensive cybersecurity in the automotive and smart mobility ecosystem.



Is there a need for an additional solution on top of a SIEM solution if someone has that in place? 

Yes, for connected vehicle cybersecurity, an additional solution can greatly enrich a SIEM. The connected vehicle ecosystem generates large amounts of non-standardized data from various sources, making it challenging to detect cybersecurity risks and attacks. A comprehensive solution should include data integration and contextualization, holistic risk and threat detection, and remediation through automation and playbooks. The Upstream platform addresses these challenges by enriching SIEM with contextual fleet-wide data and enabling effective cybersecurity observability and resilience. This allows organizations to respond more efficiently to incidents using existing automation, playbooks, and processes.

How does the Upstream platform utilize the unique data produced by automotive?

The Upstream platform ingests and normalizes unstandardized data from multiple sources and formats, creating digital twins that provide a granular and contextual view of vehicle data. It enriches the SIEM with contextual data from the entire fleet, enabling effective cross-organizational cybersecurity observability and resilience.

How does it impact the investigation and remediation processes for cybersecurity teams?

Upstream provides a purpose-built automotive and smart mobility solution that enables effective cross-organizational cybersecurity observability and resilience. It monitors both connected vehicle data and IT data feed to provide a unified stack that ensures trust and safety to the organization by providing effective investigation, automation, and remediation. It also feeds data into the SIEM, allowing IT teams organization-wide to leverage existing automation, playbooks, and processes.

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