Cloud-Based Automotive Cybersecurity | ISO/SAE 21434 and WP.29 CSMS


The benefit of a cloud-based cybersecurity solution is that it’s able to secure the three primary elements of a connected vehicle. 

  • The first element is the connected vehicle itself and its interface. 
  • The second element is the connectivity channels that lead to and from the vehicle. 
  • And the third element is the backend systems and the mobility applications that service the vehicle throughout its lifecycle.

A cloud-based centralized system can detect threats in each of these layers separately. But, many cyber attacks are only manifested in the vehicle, while remote attacks originate from the backend systems. So a centralized cloud-based cybersecurity system can not only detect the attack, but it can also detect the root cause of the attack in the cloud. 


Additionally, a centralized automotive cybersecurity system offers the flexibility to changing vehicle types, changing technical elements in the vehicle types, and the changing mobility applications that service these vehicles over time.