Meet the Expert: Securing APIs in the Smart Mobility Ecosystem

As APIs form the bedrock of revenue, innovation, and services within this sector, ensuring their security is a vital concern that cannot be overlooked. In this video, we talk to Daniel Blum, Product Manager at Upstream Security, about how context and an understanding of the automotive and smart mobility use-case can enable better detection and response to API cyber incidents. Discover how Upstream’s API Security and Cybersecurity solutions provide end-to-end protection, aiming to secure vehicles globally and fortify the smart mobility ecosystem.




Q: Why is API security important in the automotive and smart mobility ecosystem?

A: In the interconnected world of smart mobility, APIs are critical for revenue generation, innovation, and powering advanced services. However, their complex context and business logic pose a security challenge, requiring more advanced solutions than traditional tools like Web Application Firewalls (WAFs).

Q: How does Upstream approach API security?

A: Leveraging its vast experience in protecting millions of vehicles globally, Upstream has developed a unique API security solution. Its approach is based on a ‘Digital Twin’ concept, providing valuable context by capturing and analyzing the behavior of an asset over time. This helps in understanding what a typical API transaction should look like and in identifying any deviations.

Q: What role does machine learning and AI play in Upstream’s solution?

A: Upstream uses machine learning and AI to identify anomalies or ‘weird’ patterns in API transactions that may indicate a potential security breach. This allows the detection of even the most complex, ambiguous scenarios that might warrant investigation.

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