Upstream Wins 2021 Informa Tech Automotive Cybersecurity Product of the Year


We are excited to announce that The Upstream Platform has won the 2021 Informa Tech Automotive Cybersecurity Product of the Year at TU Automotive Tech in Detroit, MI. The unique vehicle cybersecurity and data management for OEMs, Tier-1s, and Tier-2 manufacturers keep assets secure without any in-vehicle hardware or software.


Our belief

We submitted our nomination for The Upstream Platform to a panel months ago, knowing that its unique vehicle cybersecurity and data management offerings provide value to OEMs, Tier-1s and Tier-2 manufacturers, allowing them to better manage vehicle data across their organization.

The platform utilizes data normalization and cleansing, digital twin profiling, mobility intelligence, and AI-powered detection to identify anomalies in the connected vehicle ecosystem and offer unparalleled cybersecurity detection and response as well as data-driven actionable insights through mobility-specific applications.


Our benefits

As vehicles are projected to be 98% connected in the next decade. The Upstream Platform is a cybersecurity and data management platform for connected vehicles, purpose-built to help mobility stakeholders utilize the latent value found in data to secure, optimize, enhance, and further monetize their connected vehicles, fleets, and services.


Partners and our clients choose us since we are:

  • Cloud-based and agentless
  • Purpose-built for connected vehicles
  • Powered by data
  • Offer a holistic V-XDR
  • Utilize mobility digital twins
  • Implement mobility-specific detectors
  • Apply adaptable applications
  • And offer actionable insights.


Want to see how The Upstream Platform can secure your automotive assets? Contact us to schedule a live demo

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