Automobili Estrema & Upstream Security Partner to Safeguard One of the World’s Fastest Electric Hypercars

Herzliya, Israel and Modena, Italy (July 6, 2023) – Upstream Security, the leading provider of the cloud-based cybersecurity and data management platform purpose-built for connected vehicles, today announced its partnership with Automobili Estrema, the first Italian electric hypercar manufacturer. Through this collaboration, Upstream Security will provide Automobili Estrema with its cutting-edge platform, empowering Estrema to safeguard the upcoming Fulminea hypercars from cyber threats, ensure customer trust and deliver a unique customer experience. Fulminea is set to be delivered to its first customers in the first half of 2024 and will be produced in Modena, Italy.

Automobili Estrema’s flagship vehicle, Fulminea (meaning: “lightning fast”) is a 2000-horsepower electric hypercar with four electric motors featuring the most advanced battery technology in the automotive world. With Fulminea, Automobili Estrema is reimagining  software-defined vehicles, creating new standards for cutting-edge automotive technology. Based on the innovative high-performance hybrid battery pack, Fulminea will achieve unprecedented performance, capable of accelerating from 0-320 km/h (0 to 200 mp/h) in under 10 seconds and offering an unprecedented range of 520 km (323 mi).

The Upstream cybersecurity and data management platform is purpose-built for the connected vehicles ecosystem. Today, the platform is used to monitor over 20 million vehicles, enabling some of the world’s largest auto manufacturers, Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to detect and mitigate cybersecurity threats against vehicles, fleets, mobility applications and EV charging infrastructure. With the software-defined vehicle (SDV) revolution underway, new cybersecurity risks continuously arise. Preemptive actions are required to ensure optimal vehicle performance and battery endurance. Upstream plays a strategic role in providing critical actionable and data-driven insights, near real-time detection to help Automobili Estrema deliver the ultimate EV experience.

Fulminea is a next-gen electric hypercar, safeguarded by Upstream’s cybersecurity platform

Gianfranco Pizzuto, Estrema Founder & CEO: “In creating Fulminea we’ve spared no effort in seeking the most advanced technologies and partners in every aspect of our hypercar’s development. Just as we sought out top-tier partners like Bridgestone for tires, Upstream was our go-to partner for cybersecurity and data-driven applications. The Upstream platform will empower us to safeguard Fulminea against the growing scale and intensity of cyber threats and attacks. By contextualizing connected vehicle data, the platform will allow us to detect and act on cyber risks in near real-time so that our customers enjoy peace of mind while experiencing top automotive performance. With the Upstream platform in place, we can also monitor battery performance as we gain a comprehensive view over critical vehicle data, and can take predictive and preventative measures to ensure utmost battery longevity.”

Concluded Pizzuto: “When it comes to cybersecurity, Upstream is our guardian angel.”

Yoav Levy, Upstream Security Co-founder & CEO: “Cyber attacks on OEMs can carry heavy repercussions, including enormous costs, reputational damage and tarnishing of an OEM’s brand. That’s why in today’s day and age, it’s crucial for OEMs to prioritize the protection of connected, software-defined vehicles. We are proud to partner with Automobili Estrema and support them on this exciting endeavor. Working together we will fast-track the use of connected vehicle data and ensure that a software-driven hypercar such as Fulminea is not only the fastest, but also the smartest and is well-protected against the growing scale and intensity of cyberthreats and attacks. By stress-testing our solution in the most extreme scenarios – with Fulminea accelerating and operating at almost unimaginable speeds – we’re setting a new standard in cybersecurity risk detection and response.”

About Upstream Security
Upstream provides a cloud-based data management platform purpose-built for connected vehicles, delivering unparalleled automotive cybersecurity detection and response (V-XDR) and data-driven applications. The Upstream Platform unlocks the value of vehicle data, empowering customers to build connected vehicle applications by transforming highly distributed vehicle data into centralized, structured, contextualized data lakes. Coupled with AutoThreat Intelligence, the first automotive cybersecurity threat intelligence solution, Upstream provides industry-leading cyber threat protection and actionable insights, seamlessly integrated into the customer’s environment and vehicle security operations centers (vSOC).
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Media Contact
Tammy Levy
Director of Marketing Communications
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About Automobili Estrema
Automobili Estrema is a new Italian brand of excellence in the automotive industry which is specialized in designing and manufacturing low volume hypercars and supercars using the latest technologies with light weight composite materials powered by an all electric AWD high performance powertrain with cutting edge battery technology.

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